Centurion Z01412 v Z01567

07 September 2021 | Australia

Above is a photo and some text below explaining what the difference is between the two Centurion trucks Z01412 (released January 2021) and Z01567 which will be available next month. 

The first T909, Z01412 was released in January 2021. This truck is configured as a general-purpose truck, good for pulling general freight and small low loaders. The second Kenworth T909 truck which is expected sometime in October is configured as a heavy spec truck with the 250-tone rated SISU diffs. This truck is better suited up front of a Drake 5x8 Swingwing, Steerable platform trailer or Block truck. The second release also has a different fuel tank configuration using square tanks, cabin flaring kit and a special unit and license plate number.

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