Komatsu Underground Miner

09 September 2021 | Australia

Exciting new model release from Weiss Brothers in the USA

Komatsu 12CM27 Continuous Miner diecast replica

Ideal loaded for a Drake 7x8 Steerable but you might squeeze it on a 5x8/2x8 combination if you take the back roads…. 

Size: 24cm (9.3”) long x 7.5cm (2.9”) wide x 4.5cm (1.7”) High

Scale: 1:50


85% Diecast design 15% EPS
Moving Tracks
Raising boom
Rotating Drum
Rotating gathering arms
Raising and pivoting conveyor belt

ETA October 2021

Expected RRP $360-390

Available for preorder

Please email shop@draketrailers.com with your preorder.