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Top Sellers October 2018

Do you have any of the October Top Sellers in your Diecast collection?  If not be quick before they sell out!

SKU: Description and Colour Model
ZT09028 Drake Orange Blue Combination T909 2x8 4x8 
ZT09039 NTS 3x8 Combination K200 2x8 3x8 
ZT09051 Black Bucket Combinatioin K200 2x8 4x8 DBT
ZT09056 NHH C509 Combination C509 2x8 5x8
ZT09071 White Red Steerable 7x8
Z01375 Mactrans K200 K200 
ZT09166 MaxiTrans B Double Flat tops - Toll B Double Set
ZT09167 MaxiTrans Road Train Set - Toll Road Train Set
Z01432 White Volvo
ZT09176 White/Red Drake 2x8 Dolly & 5x8 Trailer Drake Swingwing

Drake 60th Anniversary Merchandise

We have a limited amount of Drake 60th Anniversary Merchandise available.

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Diecast Model Expo - November 2018

It is not long now until the Diecast Model Expo at Parramatta in November.

Read more: Diecast Model Expo - November 2018

Top Sellers September 2018

To end the Footy Season Burgundy proved the popular colour last month.

Read more: Top Sellers September 2018

Drake Open Day - it's a wrap!

A big Thank you to everybody who attended the Drake 60th Anniversary Open Day on Saturday 15th September.

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Top Sellers August 2018

A little late posting the details for August but better late than never.

Read more: Top Sellers August 2018

Top Sellers July 2018

Drake Collectables

Time is flying by and we are already half way through August but we haven't forgotten the Top Sellers for July. 

Read more: Top Sellers July 2018

QMHE 2018

Queensland Model Hobby Expo 2018

The Qld Model Hobbies Expo is fast approaching.

Drake Collectibles has sponsored a new modified diecast model competition category this year.

Read more: QMHE 2018

Top Sellers June 2018

Top Sellers

We are over halfway into 2018 and a lot of new product made the list last month.  Wonder what Drake Collectibles has up their sleeve for the 2nd half of 2018?

Read more: Top Sellers June 2018

SAVE the DATE: The Drake Group Open Day

Drake Group Open Day

With great pleasure, The Drake Group would like to announce that 2018 marks the 60th year of Drake Trailers.  To celebrate this tremendous occasion, we will be hosting a Drake Open Day on the 15th September at Wacol.

Read more: SAVE the DATE: The Drake Group Open Day

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