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Top Sellers October 2017

The T909 2x8 4x8 Mercury Silver Combination made the list again which is an appropriate colour with Christmas just around the corner. Do you have one in your collection?


ZT09027 Mercury Silver T909 2x8 4x8
ZT09038 Mactrans Heavy Haulage K200 2x8 3x8
ZT09051 Black K200 2x8 4x8 DBT
ZT09054 White C509 2x8 5x8
ZT09068 White 7x8 7x8
Z01366 Vintage Burgundy T909
Z01373 Chrome Yellow K200
Z01387 White C509 SLEEPER
ZT09128 MaxiTRANS B Double Flat Top - Doolan  SOLD OUT
ZT09142 MaxiTRANS Road Train Set - Doolan  SOLD OUT

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