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April Top Sellers 2018

Top Sellers

Vintage Burgundy featured in 4 spots last month. Could it be that people are thinking about their State of Origin team which starts in a few weeks time?!

ZT09028 Drake Orange Blue   T909 2x8 4x8
ZT09037 Vintage Burgundy   K200 2x8 3x8
ZT09052 Metallic Blue   K200 2x8 4x8 DBT
ZT09059 Vintage Burgundy   C509 2x8 5x8
ZT09071 WHITE RED   7x8
Z01372 Vintage Burgundy   K200
Z01382 Vintage Burgundy   C509 Sleeper
Z86908 CQ GROUP   Crane
ZT09127 MaxiTRANS B Double Flat Top - Membrey   B Double Set
ZT09138 MaxiTRANS Road Train Set - White   Road Train Set
ZT09176 White /Red Drake 2x8   dolly & 5x8 Trailer   Trailer Only

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