The Drake Shop Open

05 October 2023 | Australia

A friendly reminder that the Drake Shop is open from 8.00 am to 11.00 am in Brisbane Saturday 4th November. Mike and I are looking forward to seeing some new and old faces.
During the morning we will be checking in with Bruce and his live crosses from the Diecast Expo in Melbourne (remembering that he will be 1 hour ahead of us), you never know what surprises he might have in store!
In the Drake Shop we will have available to purchase the new SMS Paint sets (Membrey’s Tpt, Doolan HH and Mack Superliner) as previously advised were coming soon.
A few boxes of scratch & dent stock will be for sale at 9.00 am.
New samples will be on display.
With Christmas officially next month now – it is never too early to start your Christmas Shopping.
Regards, Bruce, Diane, and Mike.