News Flash... Stop the Presses...

04 September 2023 | Australia

We are delighted to announce that Drake Collectibles in partnership with Weiss Bros in the USA will be releasing a range of Taylor Forklifts XH-360L in 5 very popular Australian company liveries.


These models which are exclusively produced for Drake Collectible will be available mid first quarter 2024.


Membrey's SKU: ZFL0001

Doolan's SKU: ZFL0002

Centurion SKU: ZFL0003

Patlin SKU: ZFL0004

Hi Haul SKU: ZFL0014


The RRP is expected to be between AUD $190.00 and $199.00 plus P & H.


To secure one of these highly detailed forklifts contact the Drake Shop at


NB: the photo shown is preproduction samples only and the actual model may differ.